Stripping the right to vote

After getting elected, with or without help from Russia, Trump and his party now aim at stripping the right to vote from many Americans. Mind: after none other than this president’s close alley Steve Bannon was caught being registered to vote in a mere two states.

A look into the matter caused Trump’s famous tweet “Voter Fraud!” in January – in capitals. Trump’s mega huge immense ideas – if he has any of his own – also caused the request to states to hand over personal data of its registered voters. The civil rights division of the Justice Department demanded information on how states keep their voters rolls updated.

As is usual in the case of this US admin, the laws are slightly bent to accommodate its requests of what will lead to a purge and stripping of civilians’ right to vote.

The Trump admin will set up its own national database. Its special committee will have a look at voter data and remove say any people accidentally sharing the same name and birthday. This may sound innocent enough, but Ohio and Georgia are already involved in court cases for being involved in illegally purging their voter rolls.

Now all states will be forced to purge and disfranchising voters who actually are totally legally entitled to vote and chose presidential and other political candidates in elections.

Hardest hit? Need one ask with an administration and party who are supported by Ku Klux Klan and similar obnoxious groups? An administration and party which do nothing to curb KKK rallies, nor distance themselves from it and similar obnoxious groups?

A very worrying fact is, that the current admin’s special committee is made up of people, who like the current US president, make wild and exaggerated claims about voters’ fraud. According to the New York Times, Mr. Korbach was sued at least three times in Kansas for hampering legitimate voters to cast their votes. Worse: “… Before the 2016 election, he illegally blocked tens of thousands of voters from registering. … Mr. von Spakovsky has led numerous unsuccessful legal efforts to diminish voter participation and to fight voting rights. Mr. Adams published personal information about people whom he wrongly accused of committing multiple felonies …

At least seven lawsuits claim [the commission] has violated federal and constitutional law, including privacy rights or transparency laws. …

The irony is that there are serious threats to our voting system, from cyber attacks to aging machines to Russian interference to discriminatory voter ID laws at the state level. Those are the real problems, but that’s not what the omission was created to address.”

Well – what can one expect from a president who continues to collude with Russia, has hours-long unsupervised chats with what is his country’s greatest foes, refuses to give any insight in his tax returns, demands his base donates to a re-election which is still roughly four years in the future to use their donations to pay his family’s increasing number of legal eagles, ensures he obtains the maximum “return on investments” doing business deals, nepotism – whatever is deemed legal and illegal in his country.

To name a few of a long lists of what should be considered issues by his party, Congress, American voters.

New York Times, Vanita Gupta: “Donald Trump – the voting purges are coming”
Guardian: Six ways Trump is dismantling the US


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