Whose side is he on?

Whose side is he on? The question was asked by an exasperated Mr. Baer in a CNN interview. He talked about the latest Trump decision and its effect on the US, its alleys, the region. The latter includes Syria, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and other nations.

The decision? Trump ditched support for Kurdish and other rebels. Rebels who tried to help and save Yazidis, while the rest of the world merely stood by. When so-called Christians merely watched.

Some time ago, the US and other nations finally decided to kind of lukewarm back these rebels? Today, US media found it necessary to point out, Trump decided to stop backing the rebels, before meeting Putin. That in itself is shocking: media finding it necessary to stress, when a president takes decisions.

The two-hour-long meeting, as well as the one only recently disclosed,  are shrouded in mystery. Nobody knows what went on. Especially, the second one caused everybody present to raise an eyebrow, roll eyes, silently wonder and draw conclusions.

US media and the White House stress such chats with an adversary and his interpreter are perfectly normal? These are not; why else the reactions from other guests? Why else the shock, the outrage?

Furthermore: one attends a G20 dinner, bringing along an interpreter speaking Japanese? Then walks off in the middle of the official dinner, to chat with an opponent, who happens to have a Russian-English interpreter? Who is after one’s country? Who meddles in elections, figures in attempts to create back-channels, pops up in investigation, crops up too frequently in anything this US president did and does?

The timing of the support-withdrawl to rebels fighting Assad does not matter.
The Assad regime is backed by Russia.
Trump backed Assad, long before he became president.
Trump’s decisions promote Russian interests.

Why is it so difficult for American media, American journalists, American people to see? Their president claims he puts America first? He is not serving American interests.

In April, it looked like Trump took a fast decision after Assad used chemical weapons? At first, he took no action. Later Pentagon sources stated, the Russians were warned in advance. Unsurprisingly, the “attacked airfield” was used again within days. No planes were lost. Just one example of how Trump ensures Russian interests are looked after.

2017 Matson on SessionsThe Russia probe?

Trump just told the world Sessions would never have gotten the job, had the president known Sessions would recuse and be unable to stop the Russia investigation. It is on tape now, it is official, it has been broadcasted!

Thank God, Mueller can not be fired. Trump’s comments only harmed one of his staunchest supporters. It shows, this president will toss people aside, the moment they become useless – to him. Sessions is merely the latest “dead man walking”.

The Trump government’s characteristic of keeping any Russian links, meetings, ties and talks secret was highlighted. Even if something is discovered, this government presents it as no wrongdoing. As Sessions put it at the time: “I recused myself, not because of any asserted wrongdoing, or any belief that I may have been involved in any wrongdoing in the campaign …” He cited US DoJ rule 28 CFR 45.2.

It is not just people promoted to certain jobs, which show the lengths Trump goes to. He clearly wants any Russia investigation stopped. Why?

Acting Attorney General Sally Yates was fired? She testified it was about then-National Security Adviser Mike Flynn and his Russian ties.

Preet Bharara was fired? Trump’s personal lawyer, who himself has plenty Russian interests, bragged he told Trump to get rid of Bharara. At the time, US media claimed it was because Bharara had “authority over Trump Tower“?

Once Bharara was removed, Sessions’ DoJ was able to settle a case out of court. This meant the U.S. took only $5.9 million in a lawsuit “… tied to a $230 million Russian tax fraud“, involving Prevezon Holdings Ltd.

Worse, as Bloomberg reported: “This settlement is nothing short of a victory for Prevezon,” Faith Gay, a lawyer for the company, said in a phone interview. “It’s almost an apology by the government.

The article continues: “The trial was scheduled to start … after years of delay, with the U.S. set to offer the jury perhaps the deepest look into the way dirty Russian money was laundered”.

Bloomberg states US prosecutors were “… also looking into how wealthy Russians may have moved as much as $10 billion out of the country earlier this decade through Deutsche Bank AG, which has since conceded massive compliance lapses.

Deutsche Bank backed Trump’s businesses over decades, once American banks refused to do so. The extended Kushner family also banks at Deutsche Bank.

The Russian businessman? Denis Katsyv. His Russian lawyer? Natalia Veselnitskaya. She happened to have that odd meeting with Donald Trump junior, Paul Manafort, Jared Kushner and a drip-drip-drip-list of other folks.

It is still unclear how she managed to get into the country, being denied a visa earlier. She did not discus adoptions, but “dirt” and likely the Magnitsky Act.

One hopes Ms Veselnitskaya will take care of her health, if she really intends to testify. For according to Forbes, it is not just Mr. Magnitsky, who met with a nasty end. A death, which according to Mr. Browder, is linked to Russian interests and the santions Putin wants lifted.

The two-hour-long chat at the G20 summit may have ensured Putin got his US spy-holes back – for starters. Undoubtedly, what else he obtained through his meetings with Trump will soon be revealed.

Taking a glimpse at a few of Trump’s decisions is enough to show, Trump is not putting America first. Nor is he at all interested in the US alleys’ interests. Trump is on Russia’s side.

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