No Kremlin, no KGB – just

Yesterday, I told someone I’d post on Tillerson and Exxon – provided Tillerson’s new USA CEO wouldn’t do a whopper. Something else just intervened.

The UK Independent had a nice headline. While Jared Kushner’s real estate firm is still seeking Chinese investors and Donald Trump Junior is feeling very unhappy …

While Donald Trump Senior is kicking his lawyers and reshuffling his legal eagle team? While Donald Trump Senior is ordering that team to ferret out information on how to get pardons for all and sundry – of the Trump and Kushner families … While rumours now have it, Donald Trump Senior had more meetings with Putin during the G20 summit than just the two odd ones we know about …

The UK Independent blurted on its website, that the now famous Russian lawyer who magically gets in and out of the USA while having visa-problems? Natalia Veselnitskaya, who claims to have no links to one Vlad Putin, nor ties with his Kremlin, nor involvement with Russia’s KGB?

Well, Reuters discovered some documents. Turns out she not just had some Russian client involved in some $ billions of dollars fraud and money laundering case. That case Preet Bharara was “removed” from – so Sessions’ DoJ could settle out of court.

Reuters has proof this Russian lawyer also happened to have a client called FSB. As the Independent states: “… The FSB, successor to the Soviet-era KGB service, was headed by Vladimir Putin before he became Russian president.

Just when you think, it can’t get any worse … Just when you think of a quiet weekend … Before the week one Jared and Donald will testify …

Independent: Russian lawyer who met Donald Trump jr had the FSB state intelligence agency as client.


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