Spicer’s resignation

To most, it was not a great surprise. The job is simply impossible. Yet Spicer did not give up – till Friday.

Perhaps he should have resigned earlier. The way this president rewards loyal supporters, loyal staff, loyal friends? As media keep pointing out and as witnessed by the world: it simply stinks.

This president’s treatment of people simply stinks as awful as his Russian ties and Russian preferences. Or maybe only slightly less.

Earlier this week, Sessions got the full blast. Now Spicer got his umpteenth wacking hit. Time to draw a line – and quite rightly.

Too bad Spicer decided enough is enough. In an administration full of fraudsters, gangsters, stress on outward appearances with no idea about ethics, it is difficult to try and land on the same page of a shifty president.
It beggars belief the way some journalist went on about how this president finds loyalty so, so, so important. As a few others remarked: with Trump loyalty is a one-way ticket.

People loyal to an obnoxious ogre deserve slightly better. In fact, with the way the Russia investigation is going, Spicer may actually count himself lucky he got out of things right now.

By now, with more and more Russian connections, links, ties being revealed and the scrutiny searchlight beaming in on more and more Trumps and Kushners – It may well become a case of how long this admin may wield power.
As for his successors? Melissa X has no problem doing a good spoof Huckabee the horrible. Too bad we can not have an impersonation each time horrible Huck answers the press. It would improve things enormously – if Trump kicked out his new press secretary.

At least, the world would not be hit by more performances by Hamburger Huck, comparing the sufferings of the Trump admin and president to what Jesus went through. The droning on and on and on of the HHH is simply terrible – each time one has to hear her. A robot has a nicer voice, decent message, better interpersonal skills.

As for the close alley, the friend-of-the-moment, Trump apparently absolutely wanted to bring into the Offal Office – as some bloggers call it now? For starters: the president’s choice was not first choice.

Lots of folks are suddenly spinning how great Scaramuchio is? He was not first choice for the job. Scaramuchio is yet another family friend brought in by Donald senior – with the backing of the Kush.

Scaramuchio may find it as difficult as Spicer to keep landing on the same page of the president. Despite Scaramuchio to be more of a yes-man than others in the dysfunctional Trump admin. He may be fanatical or even obsessionally fanatic about marketing Trump Senior and the Trump brand – his CEO has not had a brain-replacement, has not had an overnight personality change.

Scaramuchio should by now have some inkling of how nice and healthy it is, to work for this kind of president. Like far too many creeps and fraudster, Scaramuchio has been with Team Trump on the Rusian-backed election trail. Media the world over, have not yet had time to suss out Scaramuchio’s Russian ties – but undoubtedly there are.

Also, as some journalists pointed out: if Trump is under pressure, feeling attacked – and let’s face it, with the Russia probe he is – it is Trump first and family first dot five. The rest are somewhere bottom line, sink, black hole.
This in fact, made some jokers point out that Trump finds it perfectly okay to be very much in nepotism and meshing up lots of interest that benefit him, him, him. On the other hand, it is according to the president’s personal twirl of fluffy ethics, definitely totally not okay for others to even cast a micro-ounce of doubt about mixing job and good causes.

Earlier of course, Trump’s legal team spokesperson also resigned. Another communicator was said to step back, cut back. Mueller ordered WH staff to preserve all documents and other stuff related to the odd June 16th meeting that took place in 2016. Reuter uncovered documents relating that Russian lawyer not just to the case Preet Bharara brought, but also showing she may not be linked to Kremlin and KGB – but actually to some other secret service whose former director was one Vlad Putin.

Meanwhile, one of the first things Scaramuchio did? Delete tweets and sanitize his twitter image. After all kids, with this president,projected outward appearances count – especially on television and social media.

At the same time, Trump was prepping his public he all of a sudden is mightily mega interested in his powers to pardon certain people. My Italian friends were laughing their heads off on this news. They have been through something similar with one Berlusconi.

In Washington, others were moving slowly but surely. Russian sanctions are going to be difficult to lift. Granting pardons to donors, friends, supporters, family members, he himself? Seems some folks are bent to restrict favours.

Plenty for SNL to get its teeth in. Just a shame, Sean Spicer will no longer figure in it. But Scaramuchio will undoubtedly provide more fun.


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Multilingual arts & culture journalist, blogger, columnist, writer and translator. Contributor to international (news) media. 2014 winning columnist Gentse Schrijversdagen, Gand, Belgium.
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