Fish stinks from the head down

Fish stinks from the head down – according to Dumb Dude’s new foghorn. Anybody ever been near fish knows, this is not true – about fish. It might, might be true about the current, rather rancid US admin.

The fishy remark came on top of a tweet about leaked financial and personal info.

That happened after the new presidential foghorn had been quite busy – perhaps too busy. Not trumpeting left and right. No, deleting obnoxious tweets about his new boss. To ensure the new foghorn’s social media impression tallies with whatever potus 45 thinks suitable.

After sanitizing his twitter and other accounts, the new foghorn went on a bragging and braying tour. He had to sell his so-called loyalty.

So he bragged and brayed he loved … He loved his new job, he loved his predecessor – recovering from being stabbed in the back, he loved the team, he loved his colleagues, he loved the president, he loved the president, he loved the president, he loved the president, he loved the president.

Overwhelmed by his urge to sell his love for Bad Buddy landing in my living room, I wondered. That this love was rather insincere – well, that was obvious. I was just wondering if anybody had warned this Scaramouch, his pressie is no longer into LGBT. That his pressie is in fact letting LGBT cruelly and savagely.

Not that I was left much time to wonder. After the knifing of Spicer, media had moved on. They were observing events, as they were aware there was friction between certain members of the admin as well as the president and certain members of the government.

Sure enough, soon, the foghorn was blaring and bleating. His finances and personal details had been leaked – so he claimed.

Scaramouch gave a nice impression of his boss. Like the Bad Dude, Scaramouch took to Twitter. Like his Bad Dude, Scaramouch went through the roof, completely ballistic, totally bananas, mega-ape.

Aping his buddy-boss, he tweeted he would set the FBI on those who had leaked his financial information. As the Daily Beast calmly quoted: “ … ‘In light of the leak of my financial disclosure info which is a felony. I will be contacting the FBI and the Justice Department,’ … inexplicably tagging White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus.

Scaramucci did not specify what information was leaked, but a Politico article cited the incoming communications director’s required financial disclosure in reporting he earned $4.9 million since last year from his ownership stake in investment firm SkyBridge.

By now, feathers of anybody but Scaramouch are no longer ruffled. For nothing had been leaked. The Scaramouch was the source, the mega-leaker. He had filed disclosure forms and all the info is out in the public domain. Anybody can have a look at his personal data, financial dealings, whatever.

Scaramouch played his hand and it was now out in the open. His boss is after Jeff Sessions and Scaramouch aping his buddy-boss, is after Reince Priebus. The rest of us are merely wondering how the Dumb Dude managed to uncover a new foghorn who is actually even dumber than the Bad Dude himself.

Daily Beast: Scaramucci vows to contact FBI over leaked financial disclosure


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