Scaramucci out

Trump certainly gets a lot done. He tears through communication folks faster than Henry VIII through wives. Scaramucci, who simply loved loved loved Trump so so so much – is out. As predicted.

First Sean Spicer resigned, once Trump hired Scaramucci to replace Dubke. Dubke himself resigned in May. After Spicer, Michael Short resigned. This was followed by Reince Priebus’ resignation – according to Priebus.

In between the resignation or firing of Priebus and firing of Scaramucci himself, Scaramucci accomplished a lot. He not only gave a raving rant of an interview. He also was served divorce papers. He also became a dad, though gossip has it he still has to meet his son. Beats whatever Trump accomplished so far, in a similar time-span.

Now US media claim the army is flexing its muscles – or rather Marine general John Kelly. If so, what this boils down to is, that Trump needed a Marine to get Scaramucci booted out.

Anybody with some decency and principles left, would have fired Scaramucci on the spot – once that raving rant was aired. Spin now is, Ivanka and Melania were disgusted by Scaramucci’s language. Really, ladies? Then you sure were disgusted for too many days, too many hours. Shouldn’t take someone in charge to get someone removed this long.

As for Kelly: Hucks may spin “General Kelly has the full authority to operate in the White House“, but by now the world knows it’s mere cotton wool. Kelly will be tolerated till things sour. We have heard it before and observed it too often.

Some folks are extremely happy. They think the army – or Marines – will put the White House in order. Wise up: Kelly was promoted by Ivanka and Jared. Which means, Kelly is backed by folks likely involved with Russia and other mobsters. Security clearances of Ivanka and Jared should have been revoked months ago.

Also: Ivanka and Jared represent the “New York”-wing in the government. Also: Ivanka and Jared are the ones who got Scaramucci inside, about eleven days ago.

As the WaPo puts it: “Ivanka Trump and Kushner were instrumental in bringing Scaramucci into the White House in large part to oust Priebus, who led the establishment wing. After Scaramucci’s explosive interview with the New Yorker, in which he angrily accused Priebus in vulgar terms of leaking to the media, they soured on him and were supportive of Kelly’s efforts to oust him.” So it remains to be seen, how long it will take for Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner to sour on Kelly.

As for relations with potus 45, the WaPo points out: “… The president and top aides have blamed the White House communications operation for not doing a better job of pushing back against the Russia story …” And as Jeff Sessions and the world know: it does not take much, for Trump to sour on staunch supporters – over Russia.

So if the latest Russia revelation is not spun fast, Trump will likely sour on not just Sessions. As another blogger pointed out: “ … on his [Kelly’s] first day, a big story breaks about Trump having dictated that bogus explanation meeting with DJTJR, Baby Face [Kushner], Manafort and the Russians at Trump Tower. Which was, of course, based on leaks.

Kelly nor the White House have been pushing back on this latest revelation. Perhaps Kelly is too busy whispering the names of 14 countries he wanted added to the travel-ban-list into Trump’s ear? For Kelly was involved in creating that ban.

It will be interesting to observe how long the general will control this White House. It will be interesting to watch who will be fired next. Might it be the Huck? Might it be Sessions after all? Meanwhile, Trump tweeted “There is no chaos in the White House“. So what is this circus supposed to be? Good and decent American management?

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