Who weighed in?

What exactly Trump and Putin talked about during their meetings at that G20 summit, becomes increasingly fascinating. Especially, during that chat during that dinner, when Trump chatted with Putin and Putin’s interpreter. One of the many Trump-Russians meetings nobody was allowed to listen to, witness – or at least nobody but Russians.

Trump claims Putin, Putin’s interpreter and Trump himself chatted about “adoptions”. Just a couple of hours before Trump “weighed in” and dictated a statement about that meeting between his campaign team and Russians.That June 2016 meeting, which was supposed to be about “adoptions”.

The story about that June 2016 meeting changed over the hours.
The story about Donald Trump Junior’s statement changed over the hours.

First the 2016 meeting was merely about adoptions of Russian handicapped kids by US families. These adoptions being banned by Putin as retaliation for the US sanctions and Magnitsky Act. Which in turn are related to Vladimir Putin and his many foreign bank accounts – a few of which are listed in the Panama Papers.

From adoptions, the 2016 meeting’s subject changed to the Trump team getting “dirt” on Democrats and Hillary Clinton, provided by Russians.


Really, pleasantries more than anything else,” Trump told the New York Times, when asked about the previously undisclosed conversation the two leaders had at a dinner. “Just talked about things. Actually, it was very interesting; we talked about adoptions.

But these adoptions and their ban are linked to Russian sanctions which in turn are linked to many other Russian issues. Why does Trump need to meet again and again with Russians without US media, US staff, US interpreters and US whatnot being present?

There are disclosed and still to be disclosed meetings, including that famous Oval Office one.

There are disclosed and likely undisclosed meetings with Russians, including with Putin, at the G20 summit.

There are the numerous attempts, a few undoubtedly successful, involving Jared Kushner or any other Trump-minion in setting up unsupervised back-channels with Russians. Back-channels no US intelligence group has any chance of supervising.

Now there is the changing story about Donald Junior’s statements.

Regarding during-dinner-chat between Putin and Trump, some journalists rightly wrote: “… raises questions about whether Putin played a role, directly or indirectly, in influencing the version of events Trump’s team relayed to the press. … “

Soon after, Jay Sekulow stated: “Apart from being of no consequence, the characterizations are misinformed, inaccurate, and not pertinent. …” Any statements by Mr. Sekulow can be taken with a pinch of salt. He himself became headline news recently, when a report showed he took and takes billions of dollars from a charity, to fund his family’s lifestyle.

But within hours the spin Mr. Sekulow had aired, had twisted into something else. The White House admitted Trump had been “weighing in” – like any parent would do for a kid. The kid is of course 40 years old and was made to look an idiot.

The revelation that Trump dictated the first statement about the controversial “adoption” but in reality a “dirt on Democrats” meeting, makes media wonder if he attended. He can no longer claim to be unaware of the meeting.

Media discovered Trump himself was in town, at the Trump Tower, while that meeting took place. The meeting was between at least eight, but possible more people. The attendance by Rob Goldstone, Donald Trump Junior, Jared Kushner, Paul Manafort, Rimat Akhmetshin, Natalia Veselnitskaya is known.

The changing story about the June 2016 meeting between Russians who according to the UK Telegraph actually brought along documents … The changing story about the statements related to the meeting … As media stated: Trump is shown yet again to lie.

It is still unclear if Trump Junior will have to face criminal charges about the whole June 2016 meeting and resulting spin on what really took place. Trump Senior faces the ever expanding Russia inquiry. This inquiry was already looking into Trump Senior’s possibly being guilty of obstruction of justice, by firing then FBI director James Comey.

Business Insider: adoption statement
Guardian: Trump personally involved
Telegraph: Former Soviet spy


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