Cool? Calm?

If the tweets over the past 24 hours are anything to go by, kicking out Scary Mooch and hailing in a new Chief of Staff have had small impact. What did not help calm things: some stupid stating God gave one Donald Trump Senior the authority to blast the world and North Korea to smithereens.

What is wrong with these folks?
I was told Jesus taught turning the other cheek.

Trump may not go for being presidential, but his claims through various tweets resemble the reaction among schoolboys comparing the size or length of a certain male body-part.

Curtsy of someone really creative

“Had best not make any more threats”?
Neither side had better!
This is no word-game, no game about size.

Tillerson is also no great help. His advise to Americans to lose no sleep over things … Mind, not the rest of the world – too bad if they end up facing decades of nuclear waste and contamination!

Sure, lose no sleep over things. There’s just an Assh*** in charge of certain codes. The majority of Americans do not trust the Assh***, but with some Russian backing he got elected and now is only under investigation – not yet removed.

Sure, lose no sleep over things. The Assh*** only claims his nuclear arsenal is bigger, greater, mega-up-to-date and better than anybody else’s.

He may tweet like crazy, but he lies like crazy too. As the Washington Post – he doesn’t read them, only accuses them of serving up fake news – writes, “Trump’s suggestion that the nuclear arsenal already has been modernized under his presidency is misleading at best, considering the process could take years.”

Wake up America!

Was there supposed to be someone in control of the White House? Oh – yeah: that dump is being done up. So everybody is off, to golf links, to the bushes and the beaches and other countries – apart from Guam and its beaches.

As for the ret. gen. who is supposed to be Chief and in charge? The CEO seems only to be able to do nuclear meltdowns. The Chief is nowhere to be seen, heard, noticed and it sure seems nobody minds him much.

In fact, one is left wondering what the Chief is in charge of. Certainly not potus 45, nor potus’ twitter account, nor potus’ tweeting. Fortunately, and thank God for that: not the leaks either which ensures the rest of the world some real facts continue to be shared.

As for the ret. gen. – in the dump a few days and already as effective as a fluff.

Washington Post: Trump warns
Washington Post: God has given Trump authority
Washington Post: North Korea just called Trump’s bluff


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