War of words

So he had a bright idea. While off on a long “I never take vacations”-golf-holiday. Was it drizzling too much, did he miss a hole, parked his golf cart in a bunker?

Whatever happened during the not-much-deserved holiday, an idea popped. Of course, you are free to come up with an alternative take. As facts elude us –  and no Russian photographer was around.

This is the bright idea: “Wouldn’t a war with North Korea help deflect the world’s mega-spotlight from that Russia investigation?”

So despite being on his umpteenth vacation while running a country, Trump found time to abuse North Korea, in between abusing a war veteran and a lot of other folks – oh: and deny climate change is happening, even in the USA.

Can’t blame him this time, North Korea – or rather its regime – is a bit of a headache. They really are misbehaving. Ever since Trump got his new job, they have tested and crossed various boundaries.

Sitting them in a corner facing a wall does not help. Telling them it’s “time out”, does not work. Having them write out the 1993 Human Rights Act a hundred times in neat copper plate? It simply does not land.

Don’t blame them. There are plenty US officials setting bad examples. They trample all over the Liberty Statue’s poetry. Or they treat the US Constitution, Congress, the Senate like garbage. Not to mention courts, lawyers, treaties with other nations.

So on holiday and still fond of hyperbole, Trump started a war of words. He threatened North Korea (its regime) “with fire and fury like the world has never seen“. What kind of a message is that?

Sounds like a threat of using nuclear warheads.
Worse: it’s not effective.

Last time Trump finally took action, he carpet-bombed a Syrian airfield. Days after Assad had unleashed chemical weapons on innocent civilians including kids.

But the bombing only happened after Trump called Vlad Putin to warn what was up. This ensured no Russian planes – nor any owned by Assad – got hit. The airport was hit as ordered by blustering Trump. Who suddenly had decided, he backed dead kids after all, nearly three days after the kids had died.

The damage caused, was so serious that the airport was back being used a few hours after the bombing. “… warplanes took off from the air base hit by US cruise missiles yesterday to carry out bombing raids … Just hours after the al-Shayrat airfield was bombed with 59 US Tomahawk cruise missiles fired from warships in the Mediterranean, aircraft struck targets in the eastern Homs countryside …

Like the rest of the world, North Korea is not deaf, nor blind. Trump may threaten hellfire, he may actually order 59 US Tomahawk cruise missiles to be fired. The world witnessed the effect: back to business within hours.

Trump may bluster, brag, bad-mouth? He may demand China throw about its weight? Who is talking to China anyway? Who has replaced the highly experienced US senior diplomat who quit his job months ago, totally disgusted with the way Trump and his White House do politics, diplomacy, negotiations – everything else? Who is representing the USA in China on a 24/7 basis?

Jared Kushner? Ivanka Trump? Trump himself? Well, they are busy ensuring they rake in more money. One can imagine, President Xi Jinping baulks at more cheap accessories which flopped at Nordstrom, loans Qatar decided to cancel, more casinos in Macao.

China may be unwilling to lean on a friendly, dependent nation in return for more flip-flops, dropping more money into a bottomless pit, opening more casinos while Trump’s US ones were involved in money laundering schemes. Who can blame China?

As for Kim Jong-Un, like most world leaders and a majority of the world population, he is not impressed. Before Trump threatened with hellfire, what did Kim Jong-Un tell the world? He compared Trump, Trump’s government, Trump’s admin to greedy gangsters.

Kim Jong-Un did not spin alternative facts.
Kim Jong-Un did no Kellyann the Con, Huck the Berry, Spicey, Scary the Mooch, or Step the Mill imitation.

Trump has gangsta-friends: Russian, American, other ones. Most of the people he nominated got awarded in return for “donations”. Some even openly told the world they got a job in Trump’s administration as their returns on investments. Trump’s donors expect and get kick-backs, lollipops, jobs in Brussels or Paris, and other mega-loads of sweeteners.

Then there is Trump himself and his family: under investigation. He may well proof to be a gun for hire – or should one say: loose cannon willing to wreck anybody and anything, including his country and our world?

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Multilingual arts & culture journalist, blogger, columnist, writer and translator. Contributor to international (news) media. 2014 winning columnist Gentse Schrijversdagen, Gand, Belgium.
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