Hyperpower? Hyperbole power

The latest fad to hit the air, was the word “hyperpower”. Of course, this word was used by a Trump supporter. He compared the US under its present potus to a hyperpower – leaving anchors, audience, viewers rather bewildered.

Yes, of course journalists politely asked what he meant. Like his leader, he only heard his own voice. Like his CEO, he simply did not listen, nor took advise. The USA is a hyperpower.

Everybody is aware the USA used to be a power the rest of the world had to reckon with.  There was a time, the USA was a super power. After the collapse of the USSR, some journalist coined the word hyperpower for the USA, as it seemed to be the only remaining super power – in 1991.

Fast forward a decade or two – or more. Is this America, currently led by the golf-playing and tweeting whatever-you-want-to-call-him a hyperpower? No.

It has become THE country for hyperbole, fake facts, alternative news, bluster, bullying, bragging, baked air. It is run by folks who are hyper, if not actually hysterical. People who are hyper insecure and hyper sensitive.

The USA’s present government fails to give the impression of keeping a cool head. It does not give any impression of remaining calm. It certainly does not give the impression of being in command, nor of being in charge. This is no hyperpower.

By now, the boasting, the bragging, the bullying have served to give the exact opposite of what a hyperpower should be. In North Korea, they are aware this US government is led by a bully who leads a mob-like, greedy gang.

If it were not for the fact that Trump can launch nuclear weapons of mass destruction, nobody would heed him. He lies, alienates leaders, insults allies – as well as large groups of his own people. He declared NATO obsolete, he pulled out of international and national treatise. On top of everything, he comes across as being as weird as his North Korean counterpart.

If North Korea were smart, it would turn the situation to its advantage. It would ensure Trump looks even dumber than he already does. It does not take much to accomplish this – and no rockets need to be launched.

After all: most of what Trump now does, is aimed at one thing. Deflect attention from the Russia probe. It is exactly this investigation, which may remove this president and his cronies or what Kim Yong-un so aptly called “greedy gangster government”, from the world stage.

Some Trump supporters seem to favour a civil war, should their hero be removed from the scene. But basically, the removal can be done without shedding blood. It can be accomplished by court cases and a nice impeachment.

Rooster currently not occupying the White House

So making Trump look ridiculous, an utter fool, might be the thing and shouldn’t cost the earth. Unfortunately, by now the war of words has escalated beyond this stage. The white gold-crowned rooster currently not occupying the White House has tweeted too many belligerent tweets and used too much hyperbole.

The problem with hyperbole is, that it only works for an extremely short time. Moreover, a leader and government needing to resort to hyperbole, fake news, alternative facts; like Trump does on a daily basis, only illustrates ineptitude.


About Kate

Multilingual arts & culture journalist, blogger, columnist, writer and translator. Contributor to international (news) media. 2014 winning columnist Gentse Schrijversdagen, Gand, Belgium.
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