International media pick up Seth Rich story

Not just US, but international media are getting interested in what some call “The strange case of Fox News, Trump and Seth Rich”. The topic started snowballing after the recently filed law suit. Now Fox News, owned by media mogul Rupert Murdoch, and the White House are involved.

This strange case involves an ordinary young Democrat who was murdered. As stated in an earlier post: this is bad enough for family, partner, friends, colleagues. But as if this blow and having to come to terms with what remains an unsolved murder, was not horrid enough: Fox News stepped in.

Fox News, owned by Murdoch, is of course one of the news stations considered fairly alright by Trump. Others are less impressed with it: it spins fake news and allows cover-ups of appalling behaviour – despite years of complaints.

It took Murdoch who owns Fox News a while, to declare for and start supporting Trump. Now ties between Murdoch and Trump may become even closer. Former Fox co-president Bill Shine is being in the running for replacing Scaramucci and Spicer. Fox finally announced it would let go Shine in May 2017, after he was accused of covering up sexual and racial discrimination for years.

In the case of Rich’s murder, Fox went way over the lines of decency. It went beyond its usual spin of fake news and alternative facts. It used Seth Rich’s murder for something which can only be called evil and willfully malicious.

To defect attention from the hacking and publishing of stolen emails from Democrats in the middle of the US 2016 election campaign, Fox News willfully used this murder to falsely accuse a Democrat-supporter, a murdered one who was unable to defend himself, of the hacking.

Of course, by now, it is common knowledge the hacking was carried out by Russian hackers. WikiLeaks had no problems with publishing the stolen emails. Fox had no problems whatsoever to create a fake story and accuse a murdered person of something he did not do and was not involved in.

All to cover up the involvement of others in the DNC hacks.

Fortunately, several fact-checking media and sites dug up the truth. They cleared Seth Rich’s name. They uncovered and published the “… ruthless exploitation of his death for political purposes by the hard right, from Fox News, Breitbart, and Roger Stone to Newt Gingrich, along with Julian Assange of WikiLeaks and the farther flung reaches of the internet.

What did Fox News do? It took them days to retract their fake, evil, malicious fabrications Seth Rich was unable to challenge and prove to be lies.

Fox News’ excuse? Their story was not fake news, no fabrication; it was simply published “prematurely“.

The callous attitude and despicable behaviour of Fox News in this case, is simply inexcusable. Yet nothing much happened. The people who were involved in this ruthless exploitation of Seth Rich’s murder and sullying of his name, got off – scotch free.
Or so it seemed. For last week, a lawsuit was filed by one of the persons used by Fox News to create their deflection, their evil and malicious fabricated story.

Journalists who had not forgotten the horrid story, had a look at the papers filed and related to the case. They noticed the present administration, folks at the White House, were involved.

As Ed Pilkington wrote for the UK Guardian:
“... Last week, the conspiracy theory that conservatives draped around Rich’s lifeless neck – that he was the source of the hacked DNC emails released by WikiLeaks at the height of the 2016 presidential race, and not Russia, as US intelligence insists – was revealed to have received a boost from the highest quarter. The former White House press secretary Sean Spicer, and allegedly even Donald Trump himself, were revealed to have been given advance notice of a sensational Fox News story that blamed Rich for the hack, and implied he had been murdered by Clinton acolytes as payback. …
The blockbuster revelation that Fox News made pre-publication contact with the White House over a malicious and false story blaming a murdered young man for the DNC emails spells potential trouble for both parties. For Fox News, it revives the charge made over many years that its owner, Rupert Murdoch, is prepared to be cavalier with journalistic ethics if it suits his political or corporate interests. …

As the lawyer involved in the current case states: “You have the US president helping the media to shape a narrative that wasn’t true – that’s reminiscent of Soviet-type state control of the media.

It seems Murdoch and Fox News have not learned a thing, after the UK phone-hacking scandal. It is to be hoped Fox and Murdoch will soon be held accountable and responsible for the fake news they made out of an innocent person’s murder. It is also to be hoped Trump will have another headache on his plate, together with Mueller’s ever increasing Russia Probe.

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