A right versus a privilege?

When faced with events in Catalonia and Vegas, as well as the ongoing disaster in Puerto Rico, it seems best to remain silent for a day or so.

Now, like many on the internet, re Vegas I’ve got unanswered questions:

How many US politicians accepted “donations” from the NRA?

Why did potus 45, in February 2017, tore up the Obama law, ensuring mentally unbalanced people were banned from owning weapons?

Why do so many US politicians including potus 45 consider it a right for Americans to have a gun, or whole stashes of weapons?

Why do so many US politicians including potus 45 consider it a privilege to have healthcare – universal healthcare, ensuring victims of gun ‘incidents’ receive free care?

As for the situation in Puerto Rico:

Crowds waiting to board cruise ship after IrmaWe see photos and videos of at least one cruise ships bringing aid, docked in the harbour. The harbour potus 45 claims is too shallow for ships to dock.

Private initiative ensures airplanes are now landing at Puerto Rico airfield bringing aid.

Potus himself is flying in for a quicky visit to boost his ratings and play to his base, while continuing to criticize a mayor and others telling the truth about the situation in Puerto Rico.

As potus 45 is not getting dropped from a hot air balloon, but like most of those in his admin, prefers to use huge planes, this means huge planes can land in Puerto Rico.

So: where is the major relief effort? There should be flights going in with loads of aid and taking off with those needing urgent care.

Contrary to what Trump’s appointed FEMA director Brock Long claims – to prop up the Trump admin image: there remain too many people in Puerto Rico who after more than ten days, still have not received a single bottle of clean water.

Excuse of the FEMA director and US government: logistics are so bigly, hugely, mega complicated!

Pardon me: so how did Europe get liberated in WWII?

Puerto Rico more complicated than that? Liberating French villages, then rolling to Paris and on to Berlin was less complicated than getting generators to a region for which a hurricane direct hit was predicted – well before the disaster happened?

Guardian and other media are right: Puerto Rico was ignored by this US government.

Puerto Rico Hurricane MariaPotus 45 was too busy playing golf and now makes up for the near genocide in Puerto Rico, by dedicating a gilded golf trophy to the hurricane-victims. Not even to Puerto Ricans dead, dying, going thirsty and without food – no! Hurricane victims include those in Texas and elsewhere.

Washington Post: donations from the NRA
Newsweek: Trump overturns Obama regulation
RN: Healthcare is a privilege
Guardian: Close to genocide


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Multilingual arts & culture journalist, blogger, columnist, writer and translator. Contributes to international (news) media. 2014 winning columnist Gentse Schrijversdagen, Gand, Belgium.
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