Can’t ignore? Then silence!

Trump has ensured another headline again: can’t ignore a woman, then silence her. UK Independent’s reporter David Usborne is in Puerto Rico. He gave his paper an exclusive today: the now famous mayor of San Juan was invited by the White House.

Stop! Hold it!
Before you start cheering …

Of course, the White House could not ignore a woman who has become an internationally renowned and respected person.
Of course, the White House did not invite San Juan’s famous mayor to Trump’s White House!

Instead, White House staff invited her to join in a conference call.
Some reacting to the story on the Independent’s website suspect Trump or his staff only invited Carmen Yulin Cruz to ‘slag her off in front of people‘. Other’s mention Trump’s internationally renowned problems with powerful women, his racism, as well as the fact this mayor is no Republican.

Inviting Carmen Yulin Cruz to take part in a conference call with White House officials was one thing. Admit it: this makes a nice headline for the Trump administration.

However: as is always the case with the Trump government reality is distorted, facts become altered, news is fake.

The mayor soon found out, she was indeed invited to ‘participate but as a listener only.

According to the Independent’s journalist: ‘… Ms Yulin, who is now sleeping in cramped quarters with all her family and members of her staff at the sports arena, revealed that the conversation with Mr Bossert and other officials hadn’t quite been that.

“I was invited to participate in a conference via a text,” she said. “I did. When I went into the call it said you are allowed in a listening capacity only…so I listened.” …’

Apparently, Trump’s admin apes its boss and base: women are to shut up, just listen and do as told. Blocking a strong woman from engaging in talks is one thing. A bill to control abortion-rights which was blocked in 2015, now has the support of the Trump administration.

Looks like Saudi Arabia might well become more of a leader on women’s rights than the USA with Trump, Pence, the GOP in charge.

UK Independent David Usborne at San Juan Breaking News : Puerto Rico mayor takes part in WH conference call but not allowed to speak
Hill: Trump administration backs bill banning abortion after 20 weeks.


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