Setting up shop and making buckets

There are still people in Puerto Rico, waiting for FEMA relief. FEMA is now of course headed by a Trump-buddy. Small surprise FEMA was caught red-handed, polishing up and alternating facts. Guess the world should be surprised it was not caught making buckets from Puerto Rican misery.

No, this time it is not about potus 45 setting up shop and making buckets either. Mind: he went to visit Puerto Ricans. He was caught throwing paper towels to a carefully vetted and selected group. Then he crowed about how much he achieved for Puerto Rican victims of hurricane Irma in his tweets.

Fortunately, some journalists were irked. They estimated and then did some maths. Their estimates were way off. All those so-called ‘working vacations’ of Trump could easily have sent 128 cargo ships full of much-needed aid to Puerto Rico.

But hey: Trump did set an example. So now senators want to go visit Puerto Rico too. They want to show off, how much they care. They likely will tweet about how much they achieved for Puerto Ricans.

Personally, I would much prefer 128 cargo ships showing up in Puerto Rico, even this long after Irma struck. But hey: some president had to think about things. It took well over a week, for some out-dated legislation to be lifted for a mere 10 days.

By the way: those ten days will be up soon. So that president’s shipping buddies will be able to make money out of Puerto Rico’s misery – one presumes. They won’t need to set up shop, just cash by the bucket-loads.

To return to folks setting up shop and making buckets of money. No, this is not about potus 45’s extended family either. It is not about visas, factories and what-not in China or elsewhere. After all: if this was about Trump and his family, the headline would read ‘making truck-loads of money’.

However, of course the folks setting up shop and making buckets of money, can be linked to potus 45 and his government. ” … Trump’s campaign and transition team, as well as others with ties to his young administration, are setting up shop as lobbyists in Washington and cashing in on their connections …

Trump meltdownThe Los Angeles Times wrote about this phenomenon, October 5 2017. It cites a report. According to the report, the new lobbyists setting up business: “ … collectively billed nearly $ 41.8 million to clients, records showed. …

Imagine such sums of money going to more worthwhile causes. To name a few:
– Puerto Rico;
– Obama care;
– All victims of recent hurricanes causing damage to US-areas;

Not that anybody even remotely linked to the current US government, the present US admin, Trump and his extended family will donate much to such good causes.

After all, ethics went out of the window when Trump and his cronies got in charge of the US.

Now who was that dotard again, promising to clean up corruption in Washington – and elsewhere?

Los Angeles Times: Trump-tied lobbyists cash in on ties
Independent: Trump’s travel could pay 128 cargo ships full of aid to Puerto Rico
Politicus USA: Trump declared bankrupt 6 times, threatens to clean up nation’s finances


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