I blame …

Yesterday, Ronna Romney-McDaniel stated publicly while being interviewed on CNN: “I’m blaming the Democrats”.

This answer certainly triggered CNN Anchor Wolf Blitzer, but Ronna Romney-McDaniel repeated her accusation. She even remarked the GOP hasn’t got a majority; it is a few votes short and this is why Trump has problems pushing his agenda through.

Blink-blink! Don’t know about you, but her response caused me to blink. Not just once, but several times during this interview. That “I blame blahblah” was just one of these moments.

Blink-blink, I went again, when she stated Trump was channeling. She did not say this once. She repeated this several times.

2017 Trump channelingCould this account for all the confeve? Might the wrong guiding spirit be to blame for all that is wrong with the present US government? Potus 45 busy speaking to spirits?

By now, roughly nine months into Trumpomania, the world is getting slightly more used to weird behaviour, alternative facts, fake news oozing from the White House.

Yet I wondered: had someone not better warn Kim Jong Un, Vladimir Putin, Theresa May and the rest of the bunch? Hey world leaders and politicians: when dealing with potus 45, make sure you have plenty garlic, a talisman, rabbit paw, whatever – to ward off evil spirits!

Or should channeling just be added to a list of accomplishments available on demand, at the Dotard Don Daycare Center?

Mrs. Romney-McDaniel had not finished: ‘It is despicable!’

She had moved on and was no longer talking about channeling; nor activities listed in the Steele report like showers etc. Her comment did not refer to any hobbies of potus 45, like p***y grabbing and worse.

Mrs. Romney-McDaniel referred to a recently outed predator. She stated there was a huge difference between potus 45 and this person. Potus 45 had apologized!

This may be enough for the GOP, RNC, Trump’s donors and fans. It certainly is not for me – but then: Trump is not my president.

This far into the interview, I was waiting for the question: “How does it feel, to be in charge of the RNC and having all donations by voters big and small go towards paying Mr. Trump’s and his family members’ lawyers?”

The answer would likely have been: “I blame the Democrats! The Democrats are to blame!” The question was never asked, but Mr. Blitzer certainly managed to thrash the RNC chairperson.

YouTube: CNN Anchor Wolf Blitzer interviewing Ms Romney-McDaniels, chairperson RNC
Chicago Tribune, September 19 2017: Trump will use campaign, RNC money to pay for Russia legal bills.
ABC News 20 September 2017: RNC spent over $230K last month covering Trump’s legal fees in Russia investigations


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