Trump admin caught promoting ‘cheery media narrative’ – again

If the story was not sickening, it might have been hilarious. ‘Puerto Rico video tells positive story, leaves misery on cutting-room floor‘ reads one of today’s Washington Post’s headlines. The article then explains how Trump and his admin twisted the truth about Puerto Rico.

Of course, it does not take a high IQ to figure out what went on during Dotard Don’s recent Puerto Rican visit. The towel-throwing to that group of smiling folks having a ball? Anyone believing the group consisted of Puerto Ricans which still have no access to clean water, electricity, food certainly should steer clear of a IQ-match against Trump.

As the Washington Post points out, ‘ … The footage of Puerto Rico compiled by the White House in the wake of Hurricane Maria shows the extent to which the Trump administration is portraying the federal government’s handling of the natural disaster in the best possible light, despite the island’s ongoing power, water and health problems. ..

This includes cutting out and destroying any images which do not earn Trump and his administration any kudos. At the start of October, media already reported US homeland security adviser Tom Bossert demanded ‘… a cheery media narrative‘ – regardless of reality.

Meanwhile, international media report a situation which differs greatly, hugely, mega from that cheerful fairy tale promoted by the Trump administration.

To list a few issues that the 3,675,924 people living on Puerto Rico are dealing with:
– the death toll continuous to rise;
– over eighty percent of the people still have no electricity;
– over fifty percent still have no clean drinking water;
– the Jones-Act was waived for ten days?

Reuters and other media pointed out the Jones-Act is back in place per Sunday 8th of October 2017. Trump’s government already stated the Jones-Act will not be lifted again, so as not to hurt their shipping friends.

While in Puerto Rico, Trump chatted about Puerto Rico’s debt: ‘… We’re gonna have to wipe that out‘. He should have checked first, if anything could be wiped off Puerto Rico’s slate.

His admin is taking steps to ‘... deal with some short-term issues raised by its debt crisis. …‘ Financial aid will arrive in loans. Yes: loans! Some twitter-activists pointed out Puerto Rican victims are expected to pay back these loans.

What kind of aid or help is this? One needs no IQ of the mega-size Trump claims to possess, to wonder how an island, left totally devastated and with an economy in total tatters, will ever be able to pay back loans and debts-upon-debts.

Meanwhile, Trump’s Puerto Rican video is just one of a dam-burst of fake news and fake images released by his administration trying to convince the world how well this disgusting government is doing.

Only the past weekend, Pence was caught promoting an image which had nothing to do with reality. His dirty trick not only cost the US taxpayer money. It included the re-use of a 2014 photo, which Pence did not even bother to photoshop – or did not know how to.

Wags are already wondering aloud: will the same Pence-photo show up, if the Trump government is re-elected?

Unfortunately, things did not start with the claims of big, huge, super-sized crowds at an inauguration. Things will not end with the fake Pence photo, nor with that ‘cheery media narrative video of Trump in Puerto Rico at last’.

Washington Post 11 October 2017: Trump’s Puerto Rico video leaves a lot on the cutting room floor
New York Magazine: White House requests loan



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