Trump visit to UK downgraded

Theresa May promises a lot. Like her buddy Donald Trump: she does not always deliver.

A few months ago, she promised Donny a state visit to the UK? All pomp and circumstance the Dotard loves included? Trump may visit the UK, but his visit has been ‘downgraded’.

May’s government backed out of organizing a full-size state visit for Donald Trump, the UK media just announced. The UK government opted for a downgrade under pressure and while facing threats of big, huge, mega-size real protests and demonstrations.

So what remains on offer for Dumb Don’s UK visit?

For starters – and this is the most difficult to believe: his visit has been downgraded to a ‘working visit’.

They must be kidding: working? Will this mean, Don will only have one day at a golf course? He will not be allowed to occupy a sofa in front of a telly for hours on end, watching Fox and Breitbart?

Seems so. For this ‘working visit’ is expected to be part of a grand tour and stately progress of the US emperor – sorry, president – through several countries. God help the other countries.

It also remains to be seen if Trump will meet London’s mayor Sadiq Khan. The latter remains rather critical of Trump and his government. As the world knows, Trump has problems with critical folks.

British politicians as well as the Common’s Speaker had already made clear, Trump speechifying in the Houses of Parliament was a frill too far.

One of the frills now certainly cut from Trump’s visit: he, his clan, his hirelings will not be ‘guests of the Queen’. This should partly please the big, huge, immense number of people who signed a petition to protest against Trump visiting the UK.

UK Independent: state visit downgraded to working visit
UK Independent February 6 2017: Trump not allowed to address Parliament
UK Guardian February 21 2017: MPs pour scorn on racist and sexist Trump


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