The one – the other

I have no problem with what is happening to Mr. Weinstein and his company. I’ve had to deal with far too many similar men to worry too much about him or his company.

The big, huge, mega problem I have concerns the people who knew, were aware of, were told what had happened by victims, yet remained silent.

But that is not all.

For starters: there is this US president? He is known to have a problem with women too, though mainly with powerful women.

Regardless of us belonging to the powerful women or not-that-powerful women, or even to the group on which men like to wipe their filthy feet?

How come, a sexual predator like Weinstein suddenly gets outed and ostracized by the world? While plenty similar ones are allowed to continue and enjoy a career.

Take for example, one US president called Trump. There are rumours, there are stories, there are claims, there are even tapes. Yet he:

a. is elected US president under conditions which are not iffy-whiffy, but downright stink sky-high;
b. is by many thought to be, sometimes publicly said to be, often insists on showing himself – he is totally unfit for his present job;
c. yet somehow continuous to hang on to that job, part of which is representing the American people.

Perhaps the excuse lies in ‘on tape; not proven’? Or perhaps someone wants to remind the rest of us, these women dared accuse Trump of sexual harassment around October 14th, 2016? We are a year later and nothing happened?

Or perhaps “Accuracy in Media” voices your opinion: “… To compare Trump with Weinstein is not only factually flawed but an insult to the women whom Weinstein allegedly sexually harassed and raped. Those equating the movie mogul, who is now in rehab and whose wife has left him, with the president of the United States, whose family very much supports him and praise him as a many who empowers women, need to acknowledge that this attack line on the president doesn’t measure up. …

No one can deny Mr. Weinstein’s amount of victims seems limitless. However, since when is the number of victims important?

Even one victim of a sexual predator, regardless of the victim being female or male – let alone a child – should be one victim far too many!

As for the excuse “… but it took place over a decade ago …” or similar comments? Do victims ever forget? Do victims of any act which society calls a crime, wipe out bad memories at will? Do things turn more acceptable, after five or ten or twenty-five years have passed?

As with victims of heinous crimes, a victim of a sexual predator – regardless of whether the predator claimed one or many victims – gets life!

Yet so far, Vogue is the only one among many, daring to point a finger and publish an article headlined “Meanwhile, let’s not forget …”. How come? Why?

Please: don’t come up with “But the other one said sorry and he apologized”!

Vogue, October 12 2017: “Meanwhile, let’s not forget that ...”



About Kate

Multilingual arts & culture journalist, blogger, columnist, writer and translator. Contributes to international (news) media. 2014 winning columnist Gentse Schrijversdagen, Gand, Belgium.
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