A Renoire?

When I heard it, I simply couldn’t help laughing. In between the denials, then admittance by the White House, Trump lied about the call to the widow – it lightened the mood.

The White House had just admitted to international media, their boss had lied about that awful phone-conversation. Mind: after potus first accused a widow and a Rep Senator of lying; then ensured general Kelly and his family as well as former president Obama were dragged into the fray, only for Kelly to start attacking the widow and Rep Senator as well.

So when European media started headlining the White House finally admitted to the president lying, someone had to check if US media were breaking the news as well.

I found something completely different. Someone mailed me about Trump’s Renoire. No, the president had not discovered a new French painter. He owns a Renoire.

The Renoir

Even if you are only faintly, remotely interested in art, museums, paintings and painters – you have already hit blinking-mode by now. Believe me, it gets worse – and funnier.

Like Goering with his Vermeers, Trump needs to brag about how big, huge, mega wonderful and important his Renoire is and how much he paid for it.

So Trump shows it off to someone who knows slightly more about painters, paintings, art then Trump. Can’t be that difficult; could have been you.

The person takes a look. Tells the president, the real version painted by Renoir hangs in the Chicago Art Institute. There still exist people, who have more guts than the complete White House put together.

Bet a foaming and fulminating president told the arts person he or she lied,  spun fake news, fabricated facts. Bet the arts person was threatened with a lawsuit, deportation and worse. Perhaps Trump even roped in general Kelly, to accuse and bad-mouth the Chicago Art Institute.

Likely the person had to cough up documents, evidence, proof, and have several directors and curators back the real, undeniable fact. The provenance of the Chicago painting is impeccable. It was bought from Renoir himself.

The person who mailed me smirked: “Potus owns a real, fake Renoir-e! He-he!”

“You expected anything else from Dotard Don?”, I responded.

“He fabricates alternative facts and spins fake news,” I added.

The real thing, versus the fake one

“Wise up: this is the guy who wallpapered his golf-resorts with fake magazine-covers for decades! Of course he owns a mega-whopping, Xeroxed Renoir-e poster! It’s sheer luck, he didn’t grab the blunder-chalk to wipe out Renoir’s signature and replace it with Donny Dotard the Dumb, as well!”

We started trying to find media coverage and sure enough: Trump has been lying about his Renoire for decades. Seems he paid a trifling $ 10 million for it.

Questions remain: are Trump’s friends right and is all art he owns fake? Is Trump’s Renoire a Japanese, Chinese, perhaps even a Korean one?

CNN: Trump’s original Renoir a fake
CBS Chicago: Rift over Renoir
Art News: Are Trump’s Art Treasures fakes?


About Kate

Multilingual arts & culture journalist, blogger, columnist, writer and translator. Contributor to international (news) media. 2014 winning columnist Gentse Schrijversdagen, Gand, Belgium.
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