Declassification of JFK documents

Trump bragged about being responsible for releasing all documents related to JFK’s murder last week. As usual with Donny Braggard, his claims were far removed from reality and the truth. The declassification had been scheduled long before his wild claims.

More interesting is what Donny Braggard did next. Contrary to the promise he bagged about, Potus 45 decided to sit on a portion of the documents after all. He will keep about 1% of the documents related to the assassination of JFK secret for the time being. Ostentatiously, because certain corners like the FBI and CIA advised him to. On the other hand, there is some Russian link between members of the KGB and Oswald.

The US National Archives stated that nearly ‘88% of records related to Kennedy’s murder were already fully open and another 11% released but partially redacted. In total, that makes for about 5m pages. ‘ The latest declassification of about 2,800 documents is unlikely to contain bomb-shell revelations. However, it does clarify a few facts.

The UK Telegraph reported a weird but documented story that a Cambridge journalist received an anonymous warning to call the US embassy about 30 minutes before JFK was murdered in Dallas.

It and other media mention Dallas police was aware of the threat to kill Oswald. The media also reported the latest batch of released documents mention Oswald met with a KGB agent at a Russian Embassy. Russia already denied any involvement in the murder, before the latest batch of documents were released.

Documents also reveal, the FBI was keeping track of Oswald as they suspected him of wanting to set up Cuban-linked groups in Dallas. Documents also contain information about many CIA plots to murder foreign leaders. Some papers like the UK Guardian offer people who are reading through the 2,800 documents the possibility to report interesting facts they come across.

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