Rioting in the Tower for a good cause

Pussy Riot was ‘at it again’. Monday, members of the feminist art and protest group stormed what by some is dubbed the p*ssy-grabber’s replacement p**is, located in New York.

Wearing balaclavas, members of the group unfurled a banner from an upper-floor in the New York Trump Tower. As part of the building is open to the public, the artists-cum-protesters were not arrested.

This protest was for a good cause: Human Rights. The riot was organized to draw attention to the fate of Ukraine film director Oleg Sentsov and activist Olexandr Kolchenko.

Oleg Sentsov and Olexandre Kolchenko were arrested and convicted to twenty and ten years imprisonment. As usual in such cases: the convictions were based on trumped-up charges. The real reasons for their arrests and imprisonments are their outspoken criticism and protests against Putin’s annexation of the Crimea and Russian military action there. The Russian military and Russian backed forces are responsible for, for instance, the downing of passenger-flight MH17.

Some journalists called the Trump Tower protesters ‘bad girls’, carefully following the example set by most Russian media. Of course, such journalists would never dream of calling the Tower’s owner a ‘bad boy’; despite him currently being accused of sexual harassment by over ten women and on record bragging about his antics.

It is also unlikely such journalists calling Pussy Riot ‘bad girls’, will ever dare condemn the Tower’s owner of any inappropriate behaviour, the man has exhibited daily during his roughly ten months in office. They likely think nothing of say, the fact he is on video remaining seated when the national anthem is played, chatting straight through it.

In articles covering the riot at the Trump Tower trying to draw attention to the fates of Oleg Sentsov and Olexandre Kolchenko, these same journalists do draw readers’ attentions to Pussy Riot members having been arrested and imprisoned in 2012 for – among other things – performing in a Russian Orthodox church.

Pussy Riot did indeed perform in a Moscow Russian Orthodox church once. However, what many Western media forget to include in their articles: the church was on the market as a party-venue which could be hired by anybody.

Just one of many business ventures ensuring some Orthodox church-officials have a chance to make some money. Among them is Pussy Riot accuser Patriarch Kirill of Moscow. Like many Russian oligarchs and leaders, this bishop of the Russian Orthodox Church seems to own a fortune.

Patriarch Kirill seems to have raked together a trifle; reportedly three to four billion $. He  reportedly owns several luxury cars, a large country house, private yacht and needs to regularly holiday in Switzerland – not to play golf, but to ski.

He was once caught on camera wearing a Breguet watch worth $ 30,000. Once this photo hit international headlines, the Breguet was photo-shopped away. What Jesus makes of such opulence remains unrecorded, but the Patriarch was awarded a ‘Silver Shoe’.

Meanwhile, it remains to be hoped members of the artist-protest-group Pussy Riot will continue to organize inspiring events for good causes. As Nadja Tolokonnikova states in her book on how to start a revolution: ‘Don’t read the news; make the news!”

And as some feminists point out: plenty p*ssy-grabber-replacement-p**ises have mushroomed all over the world. There is no lack in free and interesting venues.

Facebook – YouTube ‘We are Pussy Riot’-video
Independent: Pussy Riot shuts down Trump Tower in New York
Chicago Tribune, March 2017: Pussy Riot’s advice on how to defy Putin and Trump


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