Zero happened?

Just in case you missed it: zero happened! All were, are, will be very low-level members or volunteers. Of course, none of them did, do and will ever belong to the circle Trump moved and moves and will move in.

After last week’s interesting developments, the Washington Post was one of several media dedicating an article to about nine people in ‘Trump’s orbit’ who are now known to have had contacts with Russians during the election campaign and transition period. Mind: nine people so far, but bets are on the number will increase.

Among the nine people is one Carter Page, once dubbed by Trump as being his campaign foreign policy advisor. Now all of a sudden, Dumb Deal – that best memory in the world –  calls Carter Page a very low-level member of some committee. Despite that most excellent memory in the world, Dotard Don can’t exactly recall ever having spoken with Carter Page.

As for the zero happenings: that was Don Duck’s alternative spin on everything that went on before and during and after the meeting between Don Duck junior and a certain Russian lawyer. By now, the rest of the world is nearly losing thread of what went on before that meeting, let along during and after it. This particular thread started well before Ducky Don’s campaign got on the way.

Another low-level person who suddenly got dubbed a mere ‘volunteer’ for getting himself involved with some Russian claiming to be Putin’s niece, is adviser George Papadopoulos. By now everybody has spotted him in a picture with Dumb Dude and Jeff Sessions. How such a seating squares with being a ‘peripheral figure’ of no importance whatsoever, beggars believe – like so much with the current US administration and its CEO.

The Washington Post keeps a sane head and wonders how ‘ .. these instances add up to a concerted Russian government effort to probe and infiltrate the Trump campaign …

The writing on the wall is far more serious. By now, many a sane and level-headed person is wondering not if things add up, but rather how far the infiltration into not just an election campaign but the running of a country has gone.

Why was Sally Yates not taken seriously; then dismissed? Why was Preet Bharara moved out and the important case against a Russian criminal settled out of court for a mere fee? Why was NATO suddenly obsolete?

Why does a president invite Russians to the White House including members of the Russian press – but no western journalists? Why does that same president totter over to have a chat with a Russian president in the middle of a state dinner, with US staff allowed to supervise what was discussed?

The list is endless, the past months have been full of such weird incidents.

And it is not just Manafort. What about Tillerson, Flynn senior and junior, the Kushners, Sessions, Michel Cohen, Devos’ brother, Trump himself and nearly all his children, far too many of his lawyers, Trump’s cronies and buddies – the list seems endless. The latest jolly joker revealed as part of the pack: US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross.

As mentioned in earlier posts: seems Trump is incapable of surrounding himself with people who have no links to Vladimir Putin and Russia. Shouldn’t the security clearances of Ivanka and Jared be revoked by now?What about all those lies, not just by Kushner but others?

How long till the message is finally grasped: Congress, the Senate, the US Constitution – the country and its people – basically the whole world? Mere things one can wipe one’s bum on. Zero happened – move on, as Huckabee and the rest of the administration wants us to believe?

Exactly the opposite is true. This circus did not start with Trump getting himself elected. There is plenty evidence out in the open, showing this all started decades ago. Claiming there is some smoke and perhaps a fire, simply does not cover distant and recent events.

Swallowing the fibs, lies, alternative facts, fake news of this USA government and continuing to find excuses, borders on being criminal. Simply closing one’s eyes for the seriousness of what went on and  is going on in America, is being complicit!

Washington Post: at least nine in Trump orbit


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